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25 Sep 2017
| 1 min read

The ONE Thing You Need to Build Your Real Estate Business

  By Jay Kinder If I asked you to name the one thing that you absolutely have to have if you want to build your real est...

12 Sep 2017
| 5 min read

When You Hire An ISA — WIN BEFORE YOU START — Be Sure to Focus On Tools, Data, Skills, And Effort.

“First Who, Then What” - Jim Collins   You can have the best strategy, best lead gen, and all the systems for selling re...

23 Aug 2017
| 3 min read

Be sure you role play with every ISA candidate before you make your hire

We’ve all hired someone we shouldn’t have hired. We get busy and need help, so we pick the first person that seems to fi...

27 Jul 2017
| 3 min read

The Best Inside Sale Agents Want Daily Accountability

The word accountability is a dirty word for a lot of people and I think it’s because they somehow equate being held acco...

13 Jul 2017
| 3 min read

Learn the Closing Strategies of Top ISAs

So many more appointments would be set and so many more sales would be made if people would simply asks for the order. U...

10 Jul 2017
| 2 min read

The Mindset For Inside Sales; How Top Agents Make Their Own Market

Corporate Consultant and Professional Coach, Gary De Rodriguez tells us that “Life happens from us and not to us.” What ...

07 Jun 2017
| 4 min read

Balancing Multiple Perspectives Against Your One Priority

Balancing Multiple Perspectives Against Your One Priority  by Michael Reese      A few years ago, I had the pleasure of ...

02 Dec 2016
| 3 min read

Trial Closes,  Tie Downs,  and Gaining Agreements

Feedback is crucial to a successful sales presentation. Without it, we don't know 1) if we're doing a good job, 2) if th...

21 Sep 2016

Billion Dollars Businesses Have Bloomed Because of His Books!

Forbes and Fortune Magazine recommend him and his 3 pillars to building a business that scale... And if you let him, he'...

24 Jun 2016
| 6 min read

Achieving the Real Estate Agent's Ultimate Dream (Goal Setting to Get Results)

Every agent wants to succeed, but not everyone does. So, how do you make sure that you are among the ones who make their...


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